Sales / Business Development Workshop
Workshop Description

The Sales and Business Development Course is an intensive, three-day course that offers industry-specific foundation practicing business development professionals. Although no experience in any field is necessary, it is a course for mature professionals in sales and business development as well as for individuals with some sales and business development experience who are interested in updating their skills. The course material is drawn from among the most experienced business development professionals, many of whom have been instructors in other programs, and all of whom have hands-on experience in the field.

What Delegates Will Gain

Delegates of this workshop will:

  • Gain competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Discover the tactics that produce positive results.
  • Gain the best sales and business development practices crucial to winning new businesses.
  • Acquire sales and business development activities that best fit your business, corporate image, product and increased market share.
  • Gain the skills that add value to the decision-making process by adopting the most suitable analytical methodologies sales and business development.
  • Acquire advanced skills crucial to transforming key information into bottom-line results through effective execution of intelligence processes.
  • Acquire skills to increase your corporate sales by at least 30% beyond your current benchmark.
Benefits of the Workshop

In the recent competitive market, knowledge of business development fundamentals is crucial and key for business survival and competitive advantage. These challenges and risks will increase significantly in the future, thus continually monitoring competitors is of significant importance should organizations desire to sustain their growth strategy.

The most common problem that faces sales and business development professionals is lack of information and accurate data input to implement a business development process. In the recent dynamic business world, more organizations become aware of how beneficial the need is to acquire a solid foundation in sales and business development. Competitive Intelligence is essential as part of an organization’s core business approaches to gain the information needed for strategic decision making. Utilization of “shared” business critical data is not dependent on technology alone, but can be made effective and intelligent through appropriate training and guidance.

What Will the Workshop Cover?

The course will cover topics and skills crucial to every business development professionals in the industry, including:

  • Forming Strategic Alliances
  • Approach to Business Development
  • Negotiation and Influence Strategies
  • Strategic Steps to a Client Meeting
  • Meeting and Presentation Skills
  • Business Evaluation and Agreement on Needs Skill
Who Should Attend?
  • Business development & Practicing professionals
  • Business Development Managers
  • R&D personnel who have significant interaction with business development
  • Intellectual property personnel
  • Company CEOs
  • Head of Strategic Business Units
  • Human Resource Managers
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